Hungry Caterpillar Party

While I had committed long before my sons 1st birthday that I would keep it simple and budget-friendly, I felt more and more like hiring a pony, clown and photographer as the time drew near. I decided to compromise by putting a lot of time and love into a party that was special. He loves The Hungry Caterpillar, I’ve recited it to him for months from memory while doing the dishes, making dinner or taking a bath. He loves to turn the pages when we actually have the book out.

This theme is perfect for a birthday since baby is transitioning into a toddler like the caterpillar to butterfly. They also seem to be snacking constantly, usually taking tiny bites of everything!

*Dollar Store($5)

2 crate papers, candles, and #1 balloon, clothespins (not pictured)


6.812cm pk light green plates, 6.812cm pk dark green plates, and 8.625cm pk red plates

*Local Party Store ($8)

2 table clothes, 2 pks fans, and Christmas M&Ms, mixed pack of green puffballs

CVS $10

I also had the milestone pics printed through CVS with a coupon (Always great ones on retailmenot). To save money, I printed them as 4 image collages On 8×8. and cut them out.

I had a few things at home including balloons, construction paper, and stickers.

Since our party was at noon on a Sunday, we served pizza and cupcakes. We used a coupon for the pizzas and the cupcakes were from our favorite upscale grocery store. I was excited when they just happened to have the leaf accent. They were amazing, but much cheaper than a bakery and the guests loved the m&ms as caterpillars! It is a great job for an early guest who wanted to help set up.

All of the chips bags at our house will be closed with these cute little caterpillar/ butterfly clips. My mom purchased this jack in the box for Christmas and I thought it made a nice addition to the cart!

Kids table

I used the leftover plates to make this mini banner by cutting the edges off.

Thanks for checking out our Hungry Caterpillar Party!

“We’ve Come this Far” Lactation Oat Bar

When my son was born, I was not 100% sold on the idea of breast feeding. To be honest, the whole thing seemed weird and I was baffled when women spoke about how magical it is to feed and bond with your child. These women are nuts.

…And to be fair, at first, it is super weird.

Fast forward to now. My son is just over 4 months and eating WELL. While I have enough to keep him fed and happy, I can no longer pump extra meals to freeze and store for later. I feel my BF days are numbered and suddenly, I’m not willing to let go… I’ve become one of THEM.

I was ready to try baking some lactation cookies. Almost all of the lactation treat recipes I found called for oatmeal, brewers yeast and flaxseed. Flaxseed is everywhere, Aldi, Walmart, Kroger. Brewers yeast was a little harder for me to find, but I bought mine from Whole Foods. I also purchased the my seed there since it is sold in bulk.

The brewers yeast was over $20, but store bought lactation cookies cost a fortune, so I sucked it up and went all it! I scored my oat bar mix at The Dollar Store, so it all kind of evens out right?

I noticed a pretty big variance in how much of the yeast and seeds different recipes included. Since the bars did not call for any eggs, I was able to taste the “dough” as I added more and more yeast& seed in. Then, I could stop before it tasted “too healthy”. For me, this was 2 heaping Tbs. (See recipe below.)

We’ve Come this Far Oat Lactation Bar

1 package oat bar mix (any brand/flavor)

Ingredients called for on bar mix packaging (usually butter and water)

2-3Tbs Brewers yeast

2-3Tbs Flaxseed

Mix all ingredients together. Spread into buttered 8X8 or 9X9. Bake @ 375 degrees until lightly browned approximately 13 minutes.

The good news is that they are delicious! I will be snacking on these through the weekend (if they last that long). Do they work? Fingers crossed, updates soon to come!

UPDATE: I’m going to come clean and confess something, I ate the whole tray in 2 days. That being said, I did notice a difference in my milk supply. I am once again able to pump and store milk. I focused on staying hydrated, but it was easy because I felt extra thirsty!

I know that breastfeeding will eventually need to come to an end, but I am so thankful for the extra time to bond and make a plan for introducing formula when my stash of milk dwindles.

Have lactation treats worked for you? I would love to hear what other mommies have to say!

You are doing it!!



Sleep when the baby sleeps. Really? Not when the baby is awake, needing changed or fed or burped or rolling into positions like a tiny circus contortionist.

Put some crackers by your bed. Chances are good that you have been cursed with nausea if somebody is dishing out this gem of advice. Guess what? This is helpful almost never. Trust me, every pregnant woman has heard of the great medicinal powers of crackers and they have already tried it. Somehow the healing properties of bed side crackers become useless in rare cases. Crazy.

Coco butter will reduce stretch marks, carry a water bottle, take more walks to keep weight gain in control. Sure, these are actually all good pieces of advice, but you have heard them already. It’s the same tips rehashed over and over when you search the web for advice when becoming a mother for the first time.

As somebody entering parenthood with little knowledge and very “fresh eyes”, I found a few things helpful which were missed in all of the Hacks-for-new-Parents-type articles I read… and reread!

Keep Gifts Organized

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This is more of an extension to the existing tip. I knew that it was a good idea to assign one person to take down a list as I opened gifts at my shower of who gave what. This was super helpful when it came to sending out thank-you cards. I remembered the importance of this when I got married.

I forgot one major difference between a wedding and baby registry. In a wedding registry, there is one toaster, one coffee pot, etc. Gifts at a baby showers are much more repetitive: one baby needs a whole lot of pajamas, one thousand blankies and a mountain of toys. Each one seems so special when you open it and your really believe that you will remember who gave which token of love. Soon you are drowning in a sea of onesies with no idea which ones you even purchased yourself!

Solution: First, you have to keep track during the shower. Have the list-taker take pictures with gift-givers name captioned. They can quickly create an album and send it to you before they even leave the party. If your list taker likes to kick it old school, good old post-it notes will do.

Want to take it one step further? Write who gave you each item win an inconspicuous place like the inside tag or bottom of the toy. This way, you can send GiGi or Aunt Sally a picture of the little one in the outfit that they picked out. What a great way to show friends and family how much you appreciate their love and support!

Just Ask

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I heard a crazy rumor that my insurance may cover a breast pump. I told my husband who thought I must have misheard the information. Unconvinced, he called our insurance and it was 100% true! I purchased the pump upfront, emailed the receipt and was sent a reimbursement check after about 2 weeks! We almost didn’t check, never assume,

There are tons of freebies out there for new moms. At first, I thought they were too good to be true. Why would companies just want to send me things? I have received free onesies, bottles, pacifiers, etc. As a new momma, you have entered a different marketing demographic, and everyone wants your consumer loyalty!

Get a separate email for baby-related mailing lists which come with freebies. These companies can be very agressive with flood of promotional emails you will receive. Sandwiched between ads may be some useful coupons.

Wait to sign up with formula companies. Some of the most valuable free items are formula samples. Like so many excited new mom’s, I dove into planning head first. My first free formulas came before the end of my second trimester and they had just 6 months left of their shelf life and I wasn’t able to use them before they expired since I was still breastfeeding! Also, the coupons your receive for formula are best in the beginning, but you may not want to stock up on a certain brand until you have becomes familiar with baby’s preferences.

Buy Less Pieces that do More

Confession: When I began my registry, I walked through the Big BoX Baby store and felt so overwhelmed that I ran out… twice. There are so many things to buy and every new mom has that feeling you get on vacation where you just know you forgot to pack something. The only difference is that you are on a 9 month plane ride and your luggage is checked so you just won’t know if you have everything until you land.

One way to simplify your registry is to look for combo items. Instead of a baby stroller, infant car seat, or toddler stroller, a ”travel system” will convert and cover all 3 items. Pack and Plays can be purchased with attachable bassinets and changing stations. This not only helps you check off the long list of things baby necessities, but saves space!

Keep it consistent. Buy a few combo items in one simple color scheme and voila, everything matches! You can spend hours trying to find each coordinating item for the nursery or just buy a few combo items.

Nursery furniture sets can be beautiful but, they are too rich for my blood! I feel the best combos are single items which serve multiple purposes!

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I appreciate you stopping by to read my first-ever blog! If you like any of my tips or have of your own, please be sure to comment!

You are doing it!